FAQs - Oil paint portraits

Original 100% handpainted portraits

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  • Do I need to sit for the portrait?
No, most portraits I paint are from photograph. Nowadays, people have less time available to allow them to sit for hours for a portrait. So for you own convenience and comfort I work mostly from photographs. If you would prefer to sit for your portrait, this can be arranged depending on distance. I may need to work with a combination of sitting and photography.

  • What kind of photograph is acceptable?
A high resolution photograph is best, one that I can zoom in for details. Don't worry about background or lighting as I can adjust this. I can paint out unwanted objects and if needed, blend multiple photographs together. If this is done, I will first send a proof to be approved before I commence painting. Photographs taken are phones are usually more than adequate these days.

  • Is the portrait digitally printed?
No. Some individuals sell painted portraits that are, in fact, printed from photograph on canvas with or without filters applied. Sometimes a small portion of the portrait is hand painted but it is mostly digitally printed. My portraits are genuinely 100% hand painted from start to finish. No part of the portrait has been printed.

  • What materials are used?
I use high quality oils, sometimes mixed with artist linseed oil; the canvas I use is high quality 100% acid free cotton. It is at least triple primed with high quality acrylic and the wood is FSC Certified - all wood from sustainable forests.

  • How is the portrait finished? Will it be framed?
The portraits are not framed but I can give you dimensions to have one made. I send them unframed not only to keep costs down for you, but also so that you can choose the style and colour of frame yourself. If you would like assistance choosing a frame I can help and if you would prefer me to have it framed I can do that also, but an added cost. Contact me to discuss.
You can have the portraits glazed or matt.

Any other questions please contact me and I'd be more than happy to help

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